Zanita! Zanita!

Tangent has a crush on model blogger Zanita and her style blog  Not just because she’s hot, but also because she knows how to work an outfit. We think it was her obsession for the ‘Christopher Kane for Topshop’ collection that really secured our fix!  Tangent Magazine caught up with this Aussie beauty to talk threads, the domination of fashion bloggers and getting how she feels about getting on the other side of the lens.

TM: Why did you start your blog?
Zanita: I was introduced by my friend Susie to other blogs like fashiontoast and seaofshoes and decided it would be a fun hobby to pick up. I felt like a had something to offer through my experience as a model and my interest in fashion.

Zanita in Chrisopher Kane for Topshop again

Zanita in Chrisopher Kane for Topshop again

TM:Why do people come to your blog?

Zanita: I guess people come to my site because my style piques their interest and I have a different perspective of the fashion industry. There are alot of girls out there who are interested in models and their lifestyles and I try to share a few of my experiences on my blog.

TM: What made you want to get into photography?

Zanita: I hated photography in school! My interest came later when I began reading great magazines like Tangent, Another Magazine, V and Muse - all with outstanding editorials. Great fashion photographers can create a mood through style and setting that really moves you. I want to be a part of it.

TM: What makes you decide on the blog content?

Zanita: My blog is basically about me, practicing my photography and exploring my personal style.  When I style an outfit I’ll try to create an aesthetic with editorial references.

TM: What is your style philosophy?Outfit82a-1

Zanita: Dress for yourself.

TM: Can you comment in the influence of style bloggers in the fashion industry?

Zanita: Its growing so much! The most popular style bloggers are really a force in the industry these days, working alongside designers and major magazines. Its incredible how particular trends, such as DIY studding, have thundered through the blogging world, onto the pages of magazines and into popular culture.

What’s next for ?

Zanita: Hopefully I can upgrade my blog from style diary to webzine, I’m due to start shooting tests with other models. That would be incredibly rewarding.

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  1. LuLu says:

    beautiful & talented…
    Zanita has the best M.O.D style i’ve seen!

  2. PonyRyder says:

    she is an amazing girl and a great model.

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