Dior Homme Settling an Old Score; Kris Van Assche takes androgyny up another notch. . .

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Just when you thought this time of year couldn’t get any more exciting, a little birdie from the North made a very interesting announcement.  Gone are the days of stealing your boyfriend’s jeans (although shirts and sweaters are still STRICTLY on the menu, sorry boys…). Dior Homme has taken the wardrobe basic to a whole new levelAnnabelle Milosavljevic explores Kris Van Assche’s newest venture in androgyny . . .

Girls, ever fought over an item that may well have started as ‘his’, but then quickly became ‘yours’?  Dior is calling it a man’s spirit in a woman’s jean.  Everyone, take a seat, because this maison is giving new meaning to the term we in fashion so dearly love, androgyny.

Dior Homme, brought to life in 2001 by Hedi Slimane, is well known for its slim tailoring and lithe physique.  With Slimane departing in 2007 to focus on a career in photography, the fashion world has been awaiting to see what direction the new head designer, Kris Van Assche, would take.  Van Assche has surprised the fashion world by turning up the intensity of Slimane’s androgynous collections.  He has created a range called ’Petite Taille’, that, as the name suggests, features smaller sizes.  The bonus?  It caters for women.

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Designs from the Dior Homme Petite Taille range, with the denim being available in Australia

Enter the unisex jean.  Sure, other brands have done it, but have they done it with quite the pizazz of Dior Homme?  This is truly a man’s jean but with the added bonus of a bit of stretch to fit a man’s better half. 

Cut slim, the line features Japanese denim that makes up the men’s line.  As the range comes in a single cut, the finishes add diversity, available in a faded, torn raw or darkened finish.  And the colours?  The classics, of course: black, blue and gray.  For whatever the day, or night, calls for.


Dior Homme Petite Taille Jeans in Japanese denim

Dior Homme Petite Taille Jeans in Japanese denim

Androgyny has swept the fashion world for some time now, and has ultimately changed the way we view fashion.  Just as seasons are becoming far less rigid with our changeable climate, so too is the gender division that defines a piece as men’s or women’s.

So with the Petite Taille collection denim being available in Australia, his jeans may be safe, but the sweaters and shirts better watch out…

Aussie men and their wardrobes, will be hoping the entire Dior Homme Petite Taille range arrives soon on our southern shores!

Dior Homme Petite Taille Collection

Dior Homme Petite Taille Collection


Do you steal your boyfriend’s clothes?
What do you think of the unisex jean?
Will you treat yourself to a pair with the first pay check of the New Year?
Or will you keep stealing your boyfriend’s because, well, they’re authentic?

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  1. lucy wood says:

    i’ve never seen jeans looks so sleek & sophisticated.. with such a design – it’s only fair to share!
    come the cooler season I would LOVE to get my hands on a pair of these – & i’m not a jean person!!

  2. single women says:

    Hey! Can I ask what’s this template you are utilizing in your internet site? thanks.

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