From Tokyo to Melbourne: Tangent Digital interviews Fashion Hayley

hayley3Fashion may as well be Hayley Hughes first name. The blog she writes, Fashion Hayley, is a daily expose of what the stylist wears, sees, loves, is interested by and is inspired by. Having previously spent a year in Tokyo as a stylist, Hayley now edits her blog and takes street style photographs for

A “lover of Melbourne’s sub-cultures”, Hayley’s sartorial subjects challenge dressing to fit a mould, showcasing the true meaning of individual style. When you read one of her posts, you get the sense that she is writing to you directly, and that if you met her in the street, you could greet her like you would a friend. Her blogs are personal and honest, while her outfits are fun, polished and wearable.

Her style inspiration? When asked about her favourite Australian designers, Hayley admits the work of RMIT students, right alongside Kirrily Johnston.

Tangent Digital asks Hayley what makes Tokyo different to Melbourne and why bands and fashion collide.

hayley2Tangent Digital: Hayley, how did you get into styling?

Hayley Hughes: I have always had a passion for street fashion, what people are wearing on the streets both here in Melbourne and in Tokyo. To me that is where the creativity lies, in how people put together an outfit. Styling for me is about opening up new ideas about wearability and transforming the everyday into something new and exciting but not always beautiful. I love uglyness in fashion as much as I love beauty.

TD: Who are your key Australian designers?

HH: Romance was Born, Antipodium and Kirrily Johnston are designers I really admire for pushing the boundaries every season. I also love the students’ work coming out of RMIT. It’s incredible what they come up with and their end of year show is my most anticipated fashion event of the year.

hayley1TD: What inspires your blog content?

HH: My blog is 100% original content. I try to take all my own photos and I never will copy images from other blogs. To me that is the most boring thing you can do, have a blog with all stolen content. So I take my camera with me to parties, fashion events and on the street and I blog what I see. So you could say the streets inspire my blog content.

TD: What was it like to work in Tokyo and how is it different to the Melbourne scene?

HH: Tokyo’s fashion scene is vastly different to Melbourne’s. Tokyo has been looking to street fashion as its inspiration for a long time, the scene has developed in such a way that the people in the street photos are mini celebrities, often shop owners or staff, and they promote a certain style. Every shop has its own style and devotees and then the magazines that showcase that style. The shop owners and staff are stylists too, working on shoots for the magazine in their shop’s style. That doesn’t really happen here and I feel street fashion photography is only in its infancy here.

TD: Do you have a signature fashion item?

HH: My Make Believe black resin flower necklace that the girls gifted me (we all lived in Tokyo at the same time back in the day) OH or my huge black 80′s specs that I wear everyday due to my near blindness.

TD: You’ve worked with Miami Horror, do you think fashion and band culture go hand in hand?

Hayley styling the Miami Horror boys

Hayley styling the Miami Horror boys

HH: Fashion is so important when it comes to music. If a band doesn’t have the right look they really won’t go very far. I love working with the Miami Horror boys, they are so much fun and a really into creating something new and exciting for their look.

TD: Are there any bands you would like to style (or are going to style) in future?

HH: I have been getting offers from other bands but so far no one who I really enjoy the music and feel of as much as Miami Horror. It’s got to be the right partnership of creative minds I think.

Costumes designed by Hayley for Miami Horror

Costumes designed by Hayley for Miami Horror

TD: And finally, where do you think fashion will be in the next five years?

HH: I think fashion will be more driven by people on the street or blogs then what is happening on the runway.

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