Ooooooh’ Chanel! The Man Behind Chanel Beauty: Peter Philips

Anybody noticed that Chanel’s makeup counter has been experiencing a seriously BIG “all shooken up!” beauty Shake up of late??

This is all thanks to Makeup maestro extraordinaire (drumrolllllllllle please!) Peter Philips: The Global Creative Director for Chanel Makeup.

pic 2a chanel tattooPeter Philips, the man responsible for the birth of the ‘three T’s’: TEMPORARY. TATTOO: ‘TRENDY’! (Who woulda thunk it???!) Has struck gold again with the awaited Launch next month of Rouge Coco Hydrating lip colour, which is being billed as a “modern interpretation” of crème lipstick. Available in shades varying from crimson to rose, mauve and caramels and presented in a range of matte, pearl and soft ‘shimmer’ finishes- the new ‘era’ in lips is nothing short of l.u.c.i.o.u.s! “I wanted to get rid of the stigma that lipstick has to be red, which may scare away a lot of women who may be really curious to discover it as a power tool,” says Philips.

Since his ‘crowning’ in 2008, the Belgian-born face painter (who didn’t pick up a makeup brush until the age of 27 boys and gals!!! Uhuh! There is still time for you all yet! J ) Has fast taken the brand to a new level of ‘classically amazing’ by injecting his very unique beautiful style into the mix.

pic 3 chanel rouge coco lipstick

With Artistic inspiration taken from both old AND new world glamour (a pivotal moment in Philips’ career came at a Raf Simons shoot, when he drew a Mickey Mouse face on to a model in perfect scale-free hand: thanks to an earlier graphic design degree!)  Together with classic old worldly glamour – “It’s a cliché, but I’ve always been inspired by black-and-white films and the iconic actresses—like as Rita Hayworth, Audrey Hepburn, Ava Gardner, and Sophia Loren.

pic 4 2009's jade le vernis nail laquer

They created the original fantasy for me,” says Philips.  It is clear to see why (oooh!) Chanel jumped at the chance to work with such a creator of all things ‘bright’ AND all things ‘beautiful’.  “Makeup, like fashion, is a non-stop moving organism, so textures and formulas evolve over time,” he says.  “We’re not here to shock people,” Philips insists. “I get as much satisfaction out of creating a beige eye palette that’s beautiful and accessible as I do a green nail polish.”

And that- Mr. Philips.. Is precisely the  ‘beautiful’ reason we in ‘beauty’ (lala-land) salute ‘YOU’!

Till next time dear Tangentines…


Ferni xx

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