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Mario Testino is about to unveil his tenth book entitled “Kate Who”.  Set for release on September 1 through Amazon. The book pays tribute to his work with the world’s most famous supermodel over the last twenty years. The book provides a never before seen images taken by Testino, that covers both their professional and personal relationship. There are some incredibly nostalgic images that span the countless iconic looks of Kate Moss. Only 1500 copies have gone to print, making it a true fashion collector’s item.

Mario himself writes the foreword, but it’s the personal essay about the photographer written by Kate Moss that is the bones of the book. It’s rare that we get to catch a glimpse into the private world of Ms. Moss, but here she opens up about her love and admiration for Testino. “He always gives so much of himself; it’s never just about him. He’ll teach people, he’ll help people and he’s really sensitive to people and who they are” writes Kate.

Kate And Mario

Perhaps the most interesting point made by Testino in his foreword, is how he and Kate first came to be friends. They met backstage at Kate’s first ever Galliano show. Mario approached Kate to congratulate her on a successful show. Kate was in tears, disappointed that she had such minor role in the show. From there they formed a friendship that catapulted both of them to be two of the world’s most definitive style leaders.

The content of the book varies from an array of shoots, parties and editorials across the last two decades. From backstage at 90′s runway shows or to the current work they are still producing. Both Moss and Testino are still in demand from the world’s biggest magazines and fashion houses. The book is Testino’s personal tribute to his greatest muse. He says that Kate “captured his heart and eye with her beauty, humor and spirit. Her image in photographs has captured imaginations the world over”.

On July 21st – timed just prior to the release of “Kate Who” the book- Testino also opened an exhibition in London’s famous Saatchi Gallery also aptly titled “Kate Who” featuring eighteen gallery sized images from the book. The exhibition has been such a huge success that it will be opening in Madrid on September 21st. Tesitino’s gallery work is not just limited to this exhibition. He has permanent collections at both the V&A Museum and The National Portrait Gallery in London.
Let me in TestinoMario now has ten published books under his belt, some of his most famous include; ‘Let Me In,’ with Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher on the cover. The book explores parties, parades and princess’s all from Mario’s inner circle. Another of his other notably outstanding books is entirely dedicated to his work with the late Dianna Princess of Wales.

Testino has been the subject of six documentaries as well as having an influential role in the 2009 documentary September Issue. Testino is from Italian heritage on his father’s side and Irish heritage on his mother’s. He grew up in Peru, and is the eldest of seven children. He attended the University of San Diego before permanently relocating to London in 1982.

The collaboration of careers between Moss and Testino, could possibly go on for another two decades with no sign of either taking a backseat in fashion any time soon. The phenomenal glamour and industry influence from these two heavy weights has shaped fashion today as we know it. To both Mario Testino and Kate Moss, we thank you for your unfaltering vision and lasting contribution to the fashion industry.

“Kate Who” is available on Amazon for £300 on September 1, published by  Taschen.

Kate who

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