Happy Holidays With A Calvin Klein Twist.

Globally Calvin Klein stores have unveiled their annual holiday window displays, but this year they have added an innovative twist.

Calvin Klein has collaborated with well-known artist Anthony Goicolea, a Cuban-American artist in New York, whose provocative work is admired in both the art and fashion industry.

The installation, ‘Middle Night, a short film by Anthony Goicolea’, was inspired by early 19th century toys, snow globes, shadow puppets and flip books and emphasises the basic principles of light, shadow and movement.

Words: Rachel Maguire

The viewer escapes their own world and are transported into a winter wonderland, where snow falls endlessly as white canvas tents billow in the wind.

Inside the tents silhouetted figures are captured in a 360º clockwise motion dancing, singing and hanging stockings.

The ambience conveyed and the revelry exhibited in ‘Middle Night, a short film by Anthony Goicolea’ brings the Christmas spirit alive through film.

Words: Rosie King

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