Name: Nigel Stanislaus
Based in: Sydney

What turns you on in your work? New and beautiful faces to work on. Travelling the globe for life or work, luxurious hotels and wonderful people of different cultures that I meet along the way. Food is also a huge factor in my life and I love the art of cooking. Cooking for someone is like sending ‘love’ to someone. Food and makeup is also very similar, finding the right delicate balance is so difficult and sometimes it’s so hard to achieve. That’s why I treasure these crafts. With makeup, you use your eyes; with food, your taste.

Who inspires me: Peter Philips, Makeup Director of Chanel is one of my heroes and I love his take on makeup.┬áStreet artists have inspired me. I have been introduced to this event called Secret Wars and every month, street graffiti artists get together to challenge by creating artworks live on blank white walls. This NZ artist called ‘Sprinkles’ is pretty good. Lastly, my mother inspires me, for her strength and ability to always adapt and deal with difficult situations very efficiently and graciously.

Tell us your latest obsession: Oh my goodness, where do I start? It’s always a ‘new’ obsession. Right now, I love naturopathy healing. Last month it was collecting cufflinks, the month before were travel bags that I bought and before that, cooking a good ragu sauce… and so it goes on.

What is your dream for the future? To have happiness and inner peace along with money and power, which I will use as a vehicle to do good, of course. Yes, I want it all.

Finish this sentence: Style is . . . Style is individuality. It is not something anyone can teach, it is something you evolve into over the years. Do I have style? Yes, of course!

Dressed by Youeni Agency