Langley Fox Hemingway


Tangent Vol. 1 covergirl Langley Fox Hemingway as interviewed by Ava Nirui

Langley Fox Hemingway is her own breed of It Girl. In a time where that phrase is synonymous with reality show royalty and glamorised pop stars, it’s Langley’s understated approach that sets her apart. Arriving to our cover shoot sporting beat up sneakers and overalls, she seemed genuinely unaware that her doe-eyed stare and jutting cheekbones were turning the heads of everyone on set. Though an undeniable beauty, we chose to celebrate Langley because she stands for more than that. We consider Langley to be a bit of a rebel, a forward thinker who isn’t afraid to go her own way.



You’re a jack of all trades in a way — what is your fave creative craft out of artistry, modelling etc and why?
I think when you are a creative person you continually want to do make new things and dive into new activities. I love drawing and exploring new mediums and subjects. I’m very much into embroidering my clothes and altering the original shape of something previously owned. I like using natural resources, like sticks and twigs, to create different art pieces around my house. I think the main goal is to always be creating and to explore new and exciting things to do.


EMPORIO ARMANI dress, GIAMBA shoes, FALKE stockings, MANIA MANIA silver rings (worn throughout), Langley’s own nose ring, earrings & gold rings worn throughout.

What inspires your art?
My art can be inspired by anything around me. Common triggers for me include photography, a beautiful face, nature, a good conversation with another creative person, and mainly happiness.



What does the process of creating one of your pieces entail?
Most of my works are commissions for different people and brands. Therefore, I’ll spend a couple hours gathering visual research on the subject and start to outline the beginning of an idea of what I want to draw. It’s important for me to make sure I like the subject enough to want to keep the end result, even if its for a job. From there, I just start drawing for endless daytime hours while listening to different podcasts and books on tape until the drawing is complete.


PRADA top, pants, gloves & brooches, GIAMBA shoes, stylist’s own tiara.

What is your favourite artist project you have worked on thus far in your career?
I don’t think it is fair to compare projects. Each project has been a great experience either from end result or learning more about my craft and developing as an artist.


If your artistic aesthetic could be a physical landscape (ie. a lush tropical island), how would you describe it?
The physical landscape would look like Ketchum, Idaho where I was born and grew up. A summer time scene of mountains, valleys, rivers, lush yards, small clouds, summer breezes, wild flowers, and the smell of clear fresh air all around me.


VERSUS VERSACE dress, stylist’s own corsage.

What is a guilty pleasure of yours?
Going to bed at 8:30 pm.

What is the most sentimental item you own and why is it of importance?
I am a pretty sentimental person when it comes to knickknacks around my house. I love collecting nonsense from nature, such as sticks, rocks, dead butterflies, bones, etc, and they are precisely scattered around the tops of my shelves and on my walls reminding me of a time and a place I escaped to another wonderland beyond the city borders.


PRADA top & brooches, stylist’s own tiara.

From the tribute to your mother for Coach to posing alongside your sister for the Tiffany & Co campaign — how does it feel being able to work alongside your loved ones so frequently?
Family is what is most important in this world and having not only a good relationship with them but getting the opportunity to work alongside them and support each other is really a dream come true.


DOLCE & GABBANA dress, TOGA PULLA shoes, stylist’s own shirt.

What artist/s are on your playlist right now?
I’m constantly obsessed with Paul Simon and Timber Timbre, but also so much more.

Who is the greatest comic book character of all time?
Lydia Deetz from Beetlejuice (was that a comic or just a cartoon?… more importantly – my idol!)


Photography: Thom Kerr, Fashion: Heather Cairns, Makeup: Amber Dreadon @ Cloutier Remix, Hair: Iggy Rosales, Digital Operator: Chad Brooks, Photography Assistant: Shayan Asgharnia, shot at Milk Studios LA. Model: Langley Fox Hemingway @ Next Models LA.