@4thandbleeker IRL


IRL is a project where we give our favourite faces of Instagram an OG Polaroid 600 to snap their selfies with the original filter. It’s Instagram… IRL

Alexandra Spencer




Who are you/what do you do?
My name is Alexandra Spencer, I am the editor of 4th and Bleeker and Creative Director of Réalisation.


How do you define a “selfie?”
Anything you did yourself. For others. In the name of business.


Describe your style of selfie?
I think it’s more fun if you answer that for yourself.


How have selfies become a part of your profession/ personal brand?
4th and Bleeker was built on self portraits! And my career was built on 4th and Bleeker.


Who is another Instagrammer with selfie game we should look out for?
Lil sis Bambi Northwood-Blyth Single. Her selfie text updates will forever be my favourite text messages to open and also the most ridiculous in the best possible way. Until you get on those texts, look at her and her husband’s Instagram for the cutest couple ever.


What are some selfie dos and don’ts you can share with us?
DO get your light right. DO NOT take your clothes off.