Jeanne Damas


As interviewed by Franck Alan-Steed for Tangent Vol 2

When did you realise that fashion was something you wanted to explore?
I have always been around style, from a very young age. When I started my first blog fourteen years ago I shared pictures of my friends and I, and the lifestyle we had. I simply wanted to share the best fitted dresses I could find, amazing shoes with perfect heels and cool shirts – representing the essence of new French-chic style. I was also drawn to modelling, and later on acting, which I found to be an incredible form of creativity related in so many ways to style and fashion.

Can you share one of your earliest fashion memories with us?
My parents had a restaurant in Paris, and I remember my mother wearing very selected elegant floral dresses with vintage designs from the fifties, and incredible Sergio Rossi shoes, amongst other delicate and feminine brands.

How would you describe your style?
My style is a combination of vintage, cool and chic. The spirit of my first collection is a result of this – simple t-shirts, well-fitted jeans, and light summer dresses.

How much of your approach to fashion comes from growing up in a city like Paris?
My entire approach to fashion comes from growing up in Paris, which remains the capital of fashion, even if cities like Los Angeles account for tendencies. Most women that I know in Paris do not follow those tendencies, they follow with taste – their own vision of elegance.

Which designers are you interested in right now?
There are two designers. Courrèges for the way Arnaud Vaillant and Sébastien Meyer, the artistic director, combine the simplicity of the seventies with a delightful modern touch. And Julie de Libran’s work at Sonia Rykiel, whose first collection revives the very feminine – and Parisian – style of the brand.

What does your daytime uniform look like? ..and for the evening?
My look is always simple, feminine, with a touch of sixties or seventies style. In the day I like to stay in jeans, with an elegant white shirt. Even in the evening, I love basic outfits. I can wear pants at special events or go to a wedding with my hair undone. You can remain simple while elegant, this might be what characterises the French charm in general.

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