Rosksanda Ilincic- It’s All About the Hair!

Date: 21st February 2010 Location: London Event:London Fashion Week Fall 2010 RTW On a cold ,windy, rainy London day, what better way to spend an afternoon than in a cosy little pad (or giant portable warehouse space housing all of fashions elite?!) simply ‘seeping’ in the creative air around you, as you sit privy to the newest of the new, and the what’s ‘hot’ in fall fashion 2010 fashion. The show was Roksanda Ilincic, and the mood was;... Read More


Date: 13/02/10 Location: New york Event: New York Fashion Week Fall 2010 Show: Alexander Wang fall 2010 Kicking of N.Y.C fall 2010 fashion week with a ‘bang!’ (A-dang-dang!) was Alexander Wang.  With a collection inspired by the tall suits (and tall, tall surroundings) of Wall Street. The collection saw a wash of cropped blazers, tailcoats, vests and ‘ribbed thigh high leg warmers’  (for an injection of the ‘modern Wang’ into... Read More

Milan Men’s Fashion Week- Hair/Makeup not just for the Laydeez!

Where: Milan Date: 20th January 2010 What: Men’s Milan Menswear Fall 2010 Howdy Cowdys! AND welcome to a lil segment I like to call-‘men do great hair and makeup too!’.  J  Lets face it boys an gals… we women are wise to the fact THAT while we are ‘otherwise engaged’ in our daily rituals of: shoes: check, handbag: check, accessory of choice: check, matching lipstick: check (bad hair day ‘sorted’???: check!)  How many of our boy/male/man... Read More

Paris Fashion Week: 2010 Ready To Wear

To set the scene….. Date: Location: Paris Event:  Spring 2010 le Paris fashion week Oui Oui Mon Cherie-Mademoiselle Paris! OOO la ‘coquet’ forte ET structuree lines ET exceptionnelle visages peints ET guerres cheveaux!!  Faire un Salut! Miu miu: A swallow anyone? It was ‘heidi-meets-lassssshfull bardot/bond chick chic’ at mui mui Paris 2010 RTW.  Plaits were aaaaall about the length, and the super ‘striking’ lashes mirrored that... Read More

La londre fashion week Spring 2010 Ready-To-Wear

To set the scene….. DATE: September 2009 London Town LOCATION: London Fashion week- London EVENT: Spring 2010-Fashion showcase Ooooo…London: ‘my’ town ☺ how I miss thee! Always beautiful, always inspiring AND aaaalways ‘spot on’! It was aaaaall about the ‘colourways’ and ‘textureways’ (if you can say that?! Ha!) In this town…a lil bit of ‘this’, an a lil bit of ‘that’, an a lil bit of ‘sexy London girl’... Read More

Dressed by Youeni Agency