Tangent Speaks to Studded Hearts!

At Tangent Digital, we’re always on the lookout for new talent that promises to blow our mind.  Yenny has a knack of pulling together editorial, advertorial and street style photography to great effect – we always go back for more. Name/occupation: Yenny/Student What does style mean to you? Lots of things. It’s something that defines me and expresses who I am as a person, yet it evolves constantly and it’s also something that I have... Read More

Enter Comeback Kid

Having spent a significant part of my adult life and funds in Melbourne both on holidays and now as a place to call home, it is safe to say that menswear boutiques can be few and far between, and those that specialise usually lack personality and rarely come up with the goods. Enter Comeback Kid, a relative newcomer with wit and personality to boot. Greta Larkins and Patrick Roberts famously met whilst krumping to Justin Timberlake at a bar of disputable... Read More

Dressed by Youeni Agency